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Irv Cottler: Interview 1

Interview One: One Thrill After Another

Les Tomkins interviews the jazz drummer Irv Cottler over 10 years (1975-1985).

Interview: 1975

Source: Jazz Professional


Interview Text or Transcript

...anyhow, the first date we did started out with some bright tune, and it had a big fat introduction, and Irv had a drum break in bars seven and eight of this introduction. So we played the introduction, and Irv played the drum break. Then Bobby Darin, who was a smart asshole kid, stopped the band and walked over to Irv and said, "Now I'll tell you how I want this played." Oops! And Irv stood up and stared him down and said, "You sing the songs, I play the drums, see? Don't f___ with me." That was the end of it. There was no trouble after that. Billy May

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