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Barbara Carroll: Interview 1

Interview One: A Woman's Angle on Jazz

Les Tomkins interviews the female jazz pianist Barbara Carroll twice in 1973 in these two separate interviews. 

Interview: 1979

Source: Jazz Professional

Interview Text or Transcript

Being a female in the jazz world has never really hindered me, except at the very beginning. It was a handicap then, in that people tended to put you down before they ever heard you. If you were a girl piano player, the tendency was to say: “Oh, how could she possibly play?” You never even got a chance to present what you could do. But then, if you did prove yourself, it almost became a commercial asset, in a sense; you were regarded as unique. Once I began playing, became more established, and really got into it more, then it became a thing that I didn’t really think about too much. The initial difficulty was that there were very few girls playing jazz; so you were something rather strange, to say the least.

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