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Ralph Sharon: Interview 1

Interview One: Working with Tony Bennett

Jazz pianist Ralph Sharon talks to Les Tomkins in 1988 about working with the singer Tony Bennett. A further interview in 1989 continues the theme. 

Interview: 1988

Source: Jazz Professional 

Interview Text or Transcript

I’ve been back to Britain quite a few times now; I anxiously look forward to it each time, to see my family, who are still here, and all my friends, musical and otherwise. I always try to see as many people as possible. My original roots are in the East End of London, and if I go down there it’s sort of strange where I was born and brought up, everything has changed. London, to me, is not what it was; it’s all built—up, and it seems a lot of people have moved out of the East End and gone to different places. Even this time, just going around London a little bit, I see all this construction going on, and I can’t believe it. Somebody told me they’re building a new Piccadilly Circus I never thought I’d see the day.

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