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Blossom Dearie

So Refreshing...

Les Tomkins talks to American jazz singer and pianist Blossom Dearie in 1966.

Interview: 1966

Source: Jazz Professional

Interview Text or Transcript

Complete individuality is not always easy to come by in today’s vocal performers. In Blossom Dearie it flourishes. She has a style of singing, to her own piano accompaniment, that is her own natural property. Speaking of Astrud Gilberto, Blossom said something which applies very much to herself: ‘It’s so refreshing and so different from the big belters.’ As evidenced recently at Annie’s Room and right now at Ronnie Scott’s club, hers is essentially a small voice, but it is employed in a wholly attractive, endearing way. Its quality of being somehow childlike and womanly at the same time enhances a selection of songs which are already well—enhanced, melodically and lyrically.

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