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Rich Matteson

A Les Tomkins Interview

The American jazz big band leader, collegiate music educator and composer Rich Matteson talks to Les Tomkins in 1983 about his career. 

Interview: 1983

Source: Jazz Professional 

Interview Text or Transcript

Being here was wonderful; it was especially fun to be here at the same time as Phil Wilson, because we are very close friends and we work together a lot in the States. All of a sudden we accidentally found out that we were both going to be over here. We were planning to go to Sweden to do a camp together this Summer; we've done one there together the last two years—but because of the economic problems that they're having it was cancelled this year. Then I had this thing, coming over to do for Bernard Ebbinghouse, and Phil happened to call the house one day—my wife Mickey explained to him that I was out on another one of my trips playing, and then we were scheduled to go to England. He said: "England? That's where I’m going." So it worked out super-great—one of those things that once in a while happens; it's just extra special.

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