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Ken Mackintosh: Article 2

Article Two: In Conversation with Spencer Leigh

An interview by Spencer Leigh with big band leader Ken Mackintosh.

Source: Jazz Professional 


Interview Text or Transcript

One thing leads to another. In the March edition of IN TUNE, I spoke to the British arranger Tony Osbome, who now lives in Australia. He told me that he kept in touch with Ken Mackintosh, so naturally I asked for a phone number and made contact myself. On my next visit to London, I went to Mitcham and met up with Ken. Outside the house is a banger, as giving old cars a make over is one of Ken's many interests. Even though he is 85, he is still repairing cars and he is a radio ham with imposing equipment. As you will discover, you can even book Ken Mackintosh and his Orchestra. "Unfortunately not with any of the original members," reflects Ken, They have nearly all passed on. I spend a lot of my time going to funerals."

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