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Oscar Peterson: Interview 1

Interview One: Points

Canadian jazz pianist talks to Les Tomkins in 1962 about the elements of jazz as a music form, and whether critics opinions of jazz are valid. 

Interview: 1962

Soure: Jazz Professional 

Interview Text or Transcript

Those who regard jazz playing as being something peculiarly American turn a blind eye on Oscar Peterson. Oscar was born in Toronto in 1925, started piano at the age of six and still takes special instruction several times a year. He was doing a regular radio show in Canada while in his teens and visiting Americans went back home enthusing about his talents. He became such a legend that Jimmy Lunceford tried to lure him south. Possibly not believing fully in his own accomplishments, Oscar declined all offers until Norman Granz made a trip to Canada and signed him. When he made his debut with jazz At The Phil at the Carnegie Hall, he stole the show.

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