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Jerry Fielding: Interview 1

Interview One: From the Bands to the Films

Jerry Fielding discusses his past work in films and jazz combined. 

Interview: 1974

Source: Jazz Professional

Interview Text or Transcript

The film scoring assignment that I’ve most recently been working on, recording the music in London, is a Sam Peckinpah picture, Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia. We did Straw Dogs with him here a couple of years ago, and I’ve made five films with Michael Winner here. I’m not prepared to comment on the value of those films—that’s up to anybody else but me to say—but I think the scores were among the best recordings I’ve gotten anywhere in the world. To me, recording music of that kind in London is the biggest bargain in the world —if anybody’s thinking about money, which I’m not. In my opinion, the quality of recording here is two–thirds better than where I come from, and I know it’s two–thirds less expensive. In fact. from the points of view of the technicians and the musicians, I would say it’s a little too inexpensive.

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