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Oscar Peterson: Interview 2

Interview Two: Talking in 1963

Oscar Peterson discusses with Les Tomkins and Arthur Johnson about playing with power, students and piano effects.

Interview: 1963

Source: Jazz Professional

Interview Text or Transcript

I've had all kinds of students at the school. They come and lay themselves bare in front of you and say: "Well, help me." And you go to help them musically and, in my case, pianistically. Of course I stand back in the areas that I think they're lacking in. Then like a doctor I do a sort of a musical diagnosis of their playing, what they're missing and so forth— the things that they don't have. And I set out certain things for them to do. Often they're very impatient with these things. They'll do them, but they'll do them with a sort of crass attitude— you know: "Well, he says to do it."

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