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Alan Dean: Interview 2

Interview Two: Testing the Water

A brief description about the career success of vocalist Alan Dean which includes his success in America and his European tour.

Date: 1992

Source: Jazz Professional

Interview Text or Transcript

Alan Dean, born in East Ham, London on August 1, 1924, had been a boy soprano who, at voice-breaking time, took up the accordion, on which instrument he got his first professional employment. His hero was star accordionist Tito Burns, whom he used to hear play at the Embassy Club where, in 1942, bandleader Harry Roy overheard Alan running over a song with Tito in the dressing room. Roy was impressed and engaged Alan to broadcast with his band in the "Band of the Week" series. Many broadcasts and recordings later Alan helped form The Keynotes vocal group which rose to fame in the "Take It From Here" radio series. The group made so many recordings, mainly as back-up singers, that it would be impractical, and of little value, to list them here.

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