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Benny Carter: Article 1

Article One: Splendid Musicianship

Jazz historian Harry Francis documents the impact of Benny Carter on British orchestra and studio band jazz, written in 1974. Also, a personal rememberance by John Altman (2003).

Source: Jazz Professional 

Photograph: Chip Deffaa

Interview Text or Transcript

As is generally known, among big bands it has usually been the custom for prominent arrangers to take a new arrangement through at the rehearsal for its first performance, and this in itself can provide a wealth of valuable experience for the younger members of the orchestra involved. I well recall, in the ‘thirties, when working with some of the big bands of the period, learning much in this way from rehearsals taken by such arrangers as Peter Yorke. Stanley Bowsher. Sid Phillips, Ben Berlin, Marr Mackie, Phil Cardew, Ray Terry, Paul Fenhoulet, Billy Ternent and many others.

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