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Benny Goodman: Interview 1

On Tour With the British Big Band 

Les Tomkins reports the news that there will be a European tour of Benny Goodman and his Big Band.

Interview: 1970

Souce: Jazz Professional

Interview Text or Transcript

Benny Goodman, probably the greatest clarinet technician to emerge from jazz—largely inactive on the big band field in recent years—starts a tour of Europe, fronting an all star British band, on February 5 th (1970) The tour is the outcome of Benny's many incognito visits to Britain over the past 15 years and his realisation that British musicianship is second to none. Saxophonist and woodwind specialist Frank Reidy of Jack Parnell Orchestra fame and a close friend of Benny's is the man responsible for assembling the British band.

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