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Bud Shank: Interview 1

The Timely Emergence

Bud Shank talks to Les Tomkins in 1974; he gives insight into the working of The LA Four, and the transition from performing in clubs to studio recording. 

Interview: 1979

Source: Jazz Professional 

Interview Text or Transcript

With all the wandering around the world that I've done in the past thirty years or so, I never had the opportunity to come to Britain before. It's an adventure I've looked forward to for a long time. And I'm really doing it up; my wife and I took a seven day drive through Southern England and Wales, before our two week stay in London for the engagement at Ronnie Scott's. I must say, the country is even lovelier than we expected; we talked to a lot of people who had done the same thing, and they told us we'd keep saying how pretty it is -well, we found it more than just pretty. The countryside over in Wales, all those beautiful farms and things, it really is gorgeous. You'll never find anything like this in the States. Naturally, there are things over there that you're not going to see here - the Grand Canyon or the Mohave Desert, whatever. But you can leave the Mohave Desert there, anyway! Ronnie's is quite a delightful club; our early shows have been very well attended, which has made us feel good. The second show, which started about 1.30 a.m. tended to get a little noisy sometimes; in our particular kind of group, that can be disturbing. But these are the things that happen in nightclubs. Other than that, everything has been great. Ronnie and Pete take very good care of the people who work there; all the facilities on and off the stand could not be better. It compares very well with clubs in the States; it's better than a lot of them. And we've had a very nice reception from the people at all times.

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