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Angela Morley

Talking to Howard Lucraft, 1997

The English composer and conducter Angela Morley talks to Howard Lucraft about moving to America and her musical career. 

Interview: 1997

Source: Jazz Professional 

Interview Text or Transcript

I was born in Leeds, Yorkshire in 1924. My parents had a shop that sold jewellery, silver plate, watches and clocks . My earliest musical memory was of sitting on the floor surrounded by records of the bands of Jack Payne and Henry Hall and playing them on our enormous wind up gramophone. My dad played the ukulele-banjo that he used to let me tune for him, using his pitch pipe, to either G-C-E-A or A-D-F#-B. My mother had a contralto voice and sang: ‘There is a Lady Passing By’ and, her favorite, ‘Big Lady Moon’.

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