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Charlie Parker

A Great Man to be With; Just One of Many Styles

Norwegian trumpetman Rowland Greenberg shares his experiences of working with one of the most influential jazz saxophonists of all time, Charlie Parker.

Interview: 1976

Source: Jazz Professional 

Interview Text or Transcript

I was born in Oslo. My father was English; he was a Secret Service agent in the first war, and he met my mother in Stockholm. Then he had to scram out of the country in twenty-four hours. He thought it wasn’t so good to go as far as England; so he only went to Oslo, and my mother was able to join him there later. They remained there. My mother came from a family that was very involved in the theatre and the musical world. And it so happened that my father owned a cornet, which was given him by his father - I started playing that when I was about nine years old. It was given to me when I was ten, and I’ve been playing ever since.

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