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Robert Farnon: Interview 1

Interview One: The Farnon Touch 

Les Tomkins talks to the Canadian composer twice in 1967 for two separate interviews. Also, a memorial service report by Jo Marney, 2005. 

Intervew: 1967

Source: Jazz Professional 


Interview Text or Transcript

It’s a great pleasure to do this new weekly BBC series, which I believe is going to be heard each Sunday until the end of June. I’m looking forward to its run. Actually, I come over from my home in Guernsey every fortnight. On the Tuesday we usually do all the script, because there’s a lot of talking throughout the programme, between the visiting composer, the guest singer, the regular compere, John Dunn, and myself. We do most of that work at Broadcasting House, and it is cut into the show later. Then on the Wednesday, from 2.0 in the afternoon until 10 p.m., we record the music for one programme. On Thursday we do a second complete show.

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